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Subject: Re: p + B11 reaction
Date: Feb 22, 11:53 am
Poster: Jim Lux

On Feb 22, 11:53 am, Jim Lux wrote:

While initially attractive because it is "a-neutronic" (that is, it doesn't give up neutrons which cause all sorts of problems), it has a very low cross section (which means it is hard to make it work), and, there are other reactions that will inevitably occur in the same reaction vessel that DO yield neutrons, so you haven't actually saved much hassle.

>I just found this message board. I'm just wondering what people here think of fusion using proton-Boron reaction, I think its
>p + B11 -> 3He4 + 8.4 MeV
>I orignally came across this in a paper by R. Bussard about his PolyWell IEC fusion reactor