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Subject: Deuterium - price?
Date: Feb 22, 1:50 pm
Poster: Richard Hull

On Feb 22, 1:50 pm, Richard Hull wrote:

I called Spectra gases after reading the Jim Lux message on the board.

I spoke with Laura Bristol who noted that D2 prices went up. The lowest junk grade of D2 they stock is UHP (99.5%) The smallest cylinder is a lecture bottle with 50 liters of D2. The current price delivered via UPS to your doorstep is $250.00 plus or minus a few bucks. That's $200.00 for the gas and cylinder (no excnage - you keep) plus $30-50.00 hazardous material handling and shipping via UPS.

Watch out for shipping fees! They will kill you! This is not dog food they are shipping or delivering. Federal Regs and all the other special regulatory stuff cause hassles. It is normal to have one's anus enlarged when ordering this kind of thing.

Not as cheap as the hopeful $125.00. I actually go by with a 25 liter lecture cylinder since day one, which I am still using. I purchased it at my local welding dealer for $165.00. They delivered here to my door off their truck two years ago.

Every thing is going up in price, not down. Buy NOW or suffer much higher prices later.

Richard Hull