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Subject: IEC device
Date: Feb 22, 3:34 pm
Poster: F. T. Crump

On Feb 22, 3:34 pm, F. T. Crump wrote:

I'm just wondering about the feasibility of making an IEC device. I've become intrigued by this board. I'd love to see one in action. I'm in St. Louis by the way. Dr. Miley at the University of Illinois offered for me to see one in about 2 weeks in his laboratory. I don't know why I'm so interested, but it doesn't seem to be a fleeting interest. My last project was a 200 gal aquarium and ozonator-skimmer.

I'm a graduate student in molecular biology but have a bit of electronics experience from high-school class (and as a hobby). I definitely could not take the project on by myself without a LOT of help and advice. I just wondered if someone could give me realistic time-frames and money costs. Is this something that I can carefully work on for an hour or two every so often and eventually build, or would it require a lot of constant finger-bending and frustration?

Has anyone with limited experience built one without any missing digits in a reasonable time and cost frame? Sorry if this info is already posted. I've not had time to absorb it all.