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Subject: Re: p + B11 reaction
Date: Feb 22, 9:07 pm
Poster: IJV

On Feb 22, 9:07 pm, IJV wrote:

>Ok, we've actually kicked this one around repeatedly. While Jim Lux is correct about both the low cross-section and the presence of neutron generating side reactions, he is incorrect about how incredibly useful the reaction is, because of two things: The neutronic side reactions are much lower in cross section than the main reaction, and the emitted alpha particles fit into tight energy bands. This second fact is the real advantage, b/c it means you can extract electrical power directly by decelerating those alphas through a 1.5 megavolt potential. This is much more efficient than the thermal energy extraction otherwise available.

Thanks for the info, I was aware of the activation energy problems of the p+B11 reaction, tho I didn't know how severe those were. Just how much voltage do you need to do D-D or D-T fusion in a fusor anyway?.

From an engineering point of view, the advantages of the p+B reaction (no/low neutrons, easy & efficient energy conversion) could out weigh the disadvantages, especially in terms of power/weight of the reactor, durability, running costs & waste disposal(those neutrons have to end up somewhere)


PS what are the neutron generating side reactions anyway?