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Subject: Re: Tom's visit
Date: Feb 24, 10:19 pm

On Feb 24, 10:19 pm, wrote:


Good boy -- no big secrets revealed!

Alex, the lurker, was involved in plasma research at a major university, and had built a magnetic mirror machine, among other projects. He had independently arrived at many of the same conclusions Dr. Bussard had, and sent us a sketch showing a possible machine which, it turns out, we were already constructing.

Basically, we had to hire him or kill him. The former seemed much wiser.

The reason he contacted us is that he did a literature search to find out the prior art, and found out he was not the first to think of it. However, he did additional work on the background of the machine (Dr. Bussard's papers all reference Farnsworth and co.) Then, searching the web for Farnsworth, etc, he found you guys, and learned a lot.