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Subject: Re: p + B11 reaction
Date: Feb 24, 10:57 pm
Poster: Pierce Nichols

On Feb 24, 10:57 pm, Pierce Nichols wrote:

>Well spoken indeed!!
>This is good stuff! It is plain speak about the beauty of the theoretical possibilities with all the pros and cons of the P + B11 reaction and the suggestion of the He3 reaction being best of all for ultra high end amateur experimenter/fusorites.

Thank you :).

>The practicality for amateurs and limitations are layed out well. I think as new folks come on board, this topic will continued to be bounced around.

Of course it will! We will all have regular reason to go back and reconsider it, and both the relative old-timers and newbies will benefit.

>The P + B11 reaction carrot has not been plucked at for a reason by the big boys.(one would think) Any ideas? The theoretical musers and pundits, the amateurs and first glancers, all rave about it, seemingly to distraction.

I think the biggest problem is that the big boys have their heads firmly in the thermonuclear sand, even the inertial ones. p-B11 is a complete non-starter for thermonuclear and is only marginally possible for velocity-nuclear fusion, like our own IEC. However, the enormous practical benefits of the reaction make it worth pursuing despite the difficulties.

>I doubt any one on this board will take up the guantlet thrown down here due to expense and high end operation hassles, but I hope that if they do, we get a report on their results.

I hope to pick up the gauntlet . However, I don't have the financial or the time resources at this juncture to do even a demo fusor :(. Mostly time is lacking.