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Subject: Amperian force plasma gun
Date: Feb 26, 3:01 pm

On Feb 26, 3:01 pm, wrote:

Hopefully Richard Hull can give me a reality check, while I wait to get more info. The equation for Amperian longitudinal force (from http://www.df.lth.se/~snorkelf/Longitudinal/node5.html#SECTION00500000000000000000) is F= I^2 Mu0 K/ 4 PI Where K is around 7 form metals and 1000 for water. What is the 'k' dependent on? I will swag that what happens to cause the extra force is a 'coulomb explosion'; that is a lot of electrons get sucked out of the material, leaving it so positively charged it explodes.

The electrons get sucked out because the extreme electron currents 'are' powerful magnetic fields which lock electron fields together like a chain, pulling the electrons out, roughly like air getting sucked into a water aspirator pump. The vacuum itself helps too by opposing the field collapse, and creates additional voltage gradient to accelerate more charge.

This could be useful for fusors in a number of ways. It can make a fine vacuum, by exploding the plasma out of the reaction chamber. Why wait for the wimpy slow vacuum pump? Of course the chamber would need to be robust for that abuse. Double or multiple pulsing would be good, as it allows increasingly higher potentials to be applied. After the electrons have been aspirated from the plasma, a very positively charged plasma beam focuses in the chamber's center, focused and accelerated by the spheromak or electron rings.