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Subject: DV-5M Gauge Tube
Date: Feb 28, 2:47 am
Poster: Richard Hester

On Feb 28, 2:47 am, Richard Hester wrote:

This weekend was a good one for junk grubbing. Among other odds and ends, I managed to get my hands on a Hastings VT-5B thermocouple vacuum gauge, which takes a DV5M tube. The gauge has much more room on the low end than the DV-6 gauge types, with the center of the scale at 10 microns. Lesker sells the tubes for about $90, which is twice what you pay for a DV6M or 1518 or equivalent. However, the extended low end would appear to be worth it if it is as good as advertised. Has anyone had personal experience with this piece of gear? It almost looks too good to be true.If this does pan out, it looks like an affordable alternative to the capacitive manometer for people wanting to explore below 10 microns.

Richard Hester