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Subject: Re: DV-5M Gauge Tube
Date: Feb 28, 9:03 am
Poster: Richard Hull

On Feb 28, 9:03 am, Richard Hull wrote:

I would spring for the tube, if you think the instrument is in good shape. That is a rare find. I have heard of those low end DV-5M systems, but never saw one surplus. Hastings is out of Hampton Virginia just 60 miles from me her in Richmond. They are most helpful over the phone. I have several Hasting thermocouple gauge systems mostly DV-1, DV-3, and DV6. I restore and test older TC systems by Veeco, Granville-Phillips, Varian, and CVC. The tubes for many of my systems are no longer avaialable or demand recalibration with a modern substitute. This means I normally cal them for the low end precision and let the hihg end fall where it may.

Richard Hull