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Subject: Re: Amperian force plasma gun
Date: Feb 28, 9:14 am
Poster: Richard Hull

On Feb 28, 9:14 am, Richard Hull wrote:

>Hopefully Richard Hull can give me a reality check, while I wait to get more info.


Sorry. I am of no help here on the practical application of pumping gases via amperian pondermotive forces. I would imagine that a vacuum pump based on amperian forces would be impractical. You would go from extreme pressure to a vacuum condition in microseconds. How good the vacuum might be is a matter for very fast gauging that can also take on huge overpressures and survive.

I do Know that aluminum refining operations waste billions of watts yearly in their reduction cells as tons of reduced molten metal is mindlessly and unavoidably pumped around the cells due to amperian forces. This moving, molten metal erodes the cells horribly. Dr. Peter Graneau wrote a paper on this in 1996 and delivered it to an Energy symposium in Denever that he and I attended. So amperian forces can pump! Amperian forces are most notable in highly conductive metals.

Richard Hull