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Subject: Re: How to extract energy from the fusor?
Date: Mar 08, 12:09 pm
Poster: Richard Hull

On Mar 08, 12:09 pm, Richard Hull wrote:

>I stumbled onto the fusor a few weeks ago. I'm now trying to scrounge up some parts to build one. I probably won't go nuclear on the first try, just run straight hydrogen.

Why run hydrogen at all!!!!! Use air and air only! It's free! It's safe! The look and feel are exactly identical in every way! RH
>Once we do get one working (some of you sound like your getting very close) in a break even reaction, how do you propose to extract energy from the fusor?

There are no break even reactions, period. There never have been and most likely never will be. Certainly not any any fusor that any of us can currently think of much less afford to attempt to construct.

Such thinking needs a good solid dose of sobering reality which many might label negativism. So be it. RH

>I did a report a few years back in highschool on the magnetic confinement type reactor (the donut.. tokamak(spelled wrong, I know)). They planned on using a molten lithium sheild to extract energy. If I remember correctly..

The tokomak is as dead as any aspiring fusion device can ever be. RH

>I've also read that using an arrangement of electrodes, you could directly tap into the plasmas energy. I can't recall exactly how this works.

That is direct conversion and is covered in numerous past posts on this BBS. It is one of those hope springs eternal dreams. The common dream of choice is the Proton-Boron11 reaction.

Good luck on your demo model.

Richard Hull