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Subject: Direct Thermal Conversion via Plasma Maser Grid
Poster: Scott Stephens

On , Scott Stephens wrote:

I have been reading about a most delightfull phenomena called the plasma maser effect. A plasma can amplify Langmuir microwaves, by pumping with lower frequency Alven waves and thermal energy or particle beams.

Consider a tetrahedral arrangment of spheromaks or electron torroids, as I have ranted about in the past. Consider these are fired into the fusor by tetrahedral plasma guns. Around the plasma guns are microwave helical antenna, pulsed as the guns are fired, then afterwards to accelerate ions via the Wakefield effect (plasma wave acceleration).

If the appropriate conditions are met, the toroids will function as plasma masers, mode lock together in an electrodynamic knot.

These oscillating fields would function similar to the way Quark color charges hold an alpha-quad together, preventing magnetic torque and electrostatic repulsion from blowing the structure apart?

The best part about it is thermal energy increases the microwave intensity and would cause the electrodynamic know to tighten, squeezing the plasma harder. Microwave energy could be syphoned off.