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Subject: Re: IEC fusion
Date: Mar 09, 9:11 am
Poster: Richard Hull

On Mar 09, 9:11 am, Richard Hull wrote:

>So, why can't the IEC of today or yesterday break even?
>The IEC of today is fundamental flawed in its conception, because what drives it prevents it from breaking even.
>I think a variation of the IEC concept is going to eventually succeed were modern IEC's have failed.

Basically you have restated what I stated in my post. IECF has possibilities, it is just that the current detailed published units aren't making it. The beauty is they are cheap and quick to test.

I think that some form of collisional, collapsing or infalling fusion device will succeed, but can't imagine the details. This limitation is both mine, mentally and the current batch of well know canidates, physically.

Richard Hull