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Subject: Re: Direct Thermal Conversion via Plasma Maser Grid
Date: Mar 09, 11:20 am
Poster: Jim Lux

On Mar 09, 11:20 am, Jim Lux wrote:

>I have been reading about a most delightfull phenomena called the plasma maser effect. A

guns are microwave helical antenna, pulsed as the guns are fired, then afterwards to accelerate

plasma harder. Microwave energy could be syphoned off.

Just some background on microwave/power conversion, before you get "irrationally exuberant"..

Current microwave technology (which could improve, as it isn't "laws of nature" limited) can convert DC power to radiated microwave power with an efficiency of around 80% at low frequencies (several GHz), with the efficiency dropping off pretty quickly as the frequency gets higher. At K band (20 GHz), 60% is doing quite fine.. mm waves (100 GHz+) is much worse. Amplifiers and tubes can do a bit better, but there are inevitable losses converting to radiated fields.

Converting from Microwave to DC (or AC) power is somewhat worse. Conversion efficiencies of 50% at S and C band (2-6 GHz) are straightforward (using dipole arrays and diodes). As you go higher, it gets worse.