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Subject: Different gird design
Date: Mar 09, 5:48 pm
Poster: Kevin Lura

On Mar 09, 5:48 pm, Kevin Lura wrote:

Ok, I've been just looking at this post and a couple of the sites and found it very interesting but i have not built one yet and have little education on the subject but there is an idea that i made up. When building the fusor i've seen that many of you have been trying to "break even" and have also seen that you think that this would require much larger grids to get more particle acceleration. The grids are spheres so the distance that the particles have to accelerate would be just less than the radius. My question is why have them just accelerate the distance of the diameter? why not have the particles accelerate up from the equator then back down into the center? this would give you 3.14 radius of the chamber acceleration and i would think you would have less neutral ions and make the particles colide at 180 degree angle? do you think that the energy it would take to curve them back around to the center would out weight the energy gained(if any)?
just an idea of mine