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Subject: Re: IEC will never break even
Date: Mar 09, 8:06 pm
Poster: Scott Stephens

On Mar 09, 8:06 pm, Scott Stephens wrote:

>>I've been reading a lot of discouraging things here. Is Dr. Bussard just finding an excuse to squander more tax dollars, or does he think he can do it?
>I think this is a good effort. It is the only funded effort currently looking at our kind of IECF and it a super bargain for the dollar spent.

No doubt having data on hand about IEC is usefull. No doubt there is plenty of need for improved neutron activation devices. Perhaps it was here I read that a lot of the laser fusion effort is realy intended for weapons research and stockpile assesment?

It scares me that a national lab might succeed. One device I was realy fond of, a radar chip (Micropower impulse radar, MIR) that would be great for robotics, security and remote sensing was developed by LLNL I think, licenced to a company and little has been heard of since. Our tax dollars paid for that. If a private company did it, it might be used all over the place, and be extremely popular. Very dissapointing.

I'm afraid if they develop (or even have now!) a small plasma fission or fusion tube, they would classify it, and keep it for giving congressmen joy rides.