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Subject: Fusor
Date: Sep 17, 7:53 pm
Poster: Robert Machler

On Sep 17, 7:53 pm, Robert Machler wrote:

Sorry for the long pause on this board.
I have been ill for some time plus some other projects have cropprd up like seismographs and
telescope stuff.
For Richard Hull, sounds like you have a great vacuum setup with your new ss vacuum setup....
Now we know who makes the big bucks!!!!
Just checked out the your newest post, good pictures and 50KV?? Wow!
I maybe will continue this fusor stuff a little
later because I have NOT forgotten it, just too
many irons in the fire right now.
Had a terriable time trying to make the inner
grid, it kept melting as I tried to silver solder
it due to preload stress on it. Hence, form it into no load before ag soldering!!!
Maybe this fall will get it up and running!