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Subject: Re: W wire
Date: Mar 13, 12:53 pm
Poster: Jim Lux

On Mar 13, 12:53 pm, Jim Lux wrote:

>>I can provide quantites of Tungsten wire for research purposes, such as fusor grid construction.
>Iam sure some of the more serious experimenters here will take you up on that offer.

Another source for annealed tungsten wire is firms dealing with the special effects and propmaking industry. Very fine tungsten wire is used to invisibly suspend objects in product displays and for photography (floating candy bars and hamburgers, for instance). There are a number of diameters available (0.001 and 0.005 inch is used a lot) They are used to selling in very small quantities (at a SUBSTANTIAL percentage markup, but it's still cheap.) A trade name is "suspendo".

If you are in a large city, you can probably impulse buy the stuff over the counter.

The stuff may not be vacuum clean when you get it (Actually, having seen the stuff put onto the spools, I can guarantee this), but, I would imagine that it bakes out nicely (and un-anneals in the process)

Also, cutting it with your diagonal cutters is a good way to ruin the blades. It's much worse than music wire, and the only saving grace is that it's smaller, so the nick is smaller.