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Subject: Re: A heretical thought
Date: Mar 17, 10:04 am
Poster: Richard Hull

On Mar 17, 10:04 am, Richard Hull wrote:

>PS I understand that the "control system" of virtually all fusors to date has been the experimenter keeping an eye on the dials and adjusting the voltage and vaccum levels by hand. Is this correct?. If so, I regard that as another big plus in this systems favour.

Yes, The system in its simplest form, constructed by using low budget materials and moderate vacuums, does require the strictest attention to every detail during operation. These details roll about like out of round, different mass balls on a tossing ship. It is like trying to keep them on board with rudder and thrust in a gale!

It is an easily learned thing once you have replaced several groups of rectifiers and two or more grids.

It begs computer feedback control! Unfortunately all of the electrically controlled valves for gas, vacuum and such are a small fortune in themselves. It is very doable I would think, though. A cause celebre for a control freak!

Richard Hull