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Subject: Re: A heretical thought
Date: Mar 17, 10:03 pm
Poster: Tom Ligon

On Mar 17, 10:03 pm, Tom Ligon wrote:

>>Any idea as to how much an ion gun suitable for IEC would cost to build or buy?.<<

A few bucks. Stick a filament outside the outer grid, biased so the outer grid is an anode. A couple of magnets near the filaments will enhance the effect.

Here's an example of a more sophisticated option. Two magnets in a cylinder with an electron gun (from a CRT, or made with a simple filament emitter from a auto headlight). Some grid wire for extraction potential. Electrons whirl in field, making ions like crazy. Set electrodes so electrons go one way, ions go the other, into chamber. Cost -- maybe you could spend $50 if you really want to.

Even fancier: Use old microwave oven to generate microwaves, which are then piped into chamber via waveguide or even microwave-grade coax (simpler than it sounds). Another old, defunct magnetron body is in the chamber. Introduce gas to the old magentron, which has the ends yanked off of it. The thing does ECR resonance like a sumbitch and ionizes EVERYTHING in it. Cost: two old microwave ovens.