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Subject: Help me out guys/gals
Date: Mar 22, 4:34 pm
Poster: Richard Hull

On Mar 22, 4:34 pm, Richard Hull wrote:

To: All who read and all who move on what they read........

I am trying to get a list of names together of those who have moved on the fusor idea in any way beyond discussion, thinking, investigation.

I will start the list with seed names shown below. Please help me update this list. My mind is old and slow and some folks here might have eluded me. Also some of you lurkers are too shy to actually post. Others maybe harvesting the data and not sharing. Regardless, if you can help flesh this list out, I would appreciate it. you can post here or send to me at the address associated with my name in blue above by just clicking.

Th' Rules:

A name can only appear on one list (the highest achievment you have achieved) It is obvious you have already been through the prior stages.

Professional efforts with working fusors can't be counted as I am forming an "amateur-home brew" effort list. You can be a pro,in the field and be on this list, but only your home built toys count. It is obvious Tom Ligon has done fusion. (Bussard Team) and I am sure there are cohorts of the Miley effort here as well, but what is the farthest you have ventured in you personal hands on effort.

I will create three categories or lists, although more can be added if suggestions are made.

1. Assembling parts:

This is always the first step in serious fusor assembly. Those on this list have taken the first bold steps.

2.Demo fusor completion and operation (air):

This is the hard core entry level club of folks who have made something real happen. This is often a stopping point for many as the concept is enough to intrigue or win a science fair. For others, the thought of the extra work and expense of moving on to a real fusing, neutron producing fusor with its associated specialized additional hardware seems insuperable. If you have made a glow in a hollow cathode you are a member of this elite group.

3. Neutron producng fusor (d-d fusion):

The end for all but the truly hard bitten. You made it all the way! The ultimate in homebrew nuclear physics.


My short, first pass list.............

Known active Amateur fusioneers and aspirants who are.........

1.Assembling parts:

Ely Silk
Don Estes

2. Operating a Demo fusor (using air or other gases):

Joshua Resnick
Ed Wingate
Tom Ligon

3. Operating a real neutron producing fusor (normally d-d fusion)

Richard Hull
Scott Little

Tom? Have you done real fusion in your latest personal SS cylindrical fusor?

I am sure there are folks I have overlooked who have made a demo unit and many who are assembling parts. Forgive the oversight and inform me.


Richard Hull