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Subject: Re: Archive Now Available Online
Date: Mar 25, 7:23 am

On Mar 25, 7:23 am, wrote:

Great idea, the zipped archive!
Is it going to be regularly updated, or new archives created now and then?
On what Fusor web page is the archive(s) location linked to, so I can put a link to it on my page?

In about 3 weeks, my family moves out of my big new workshop, into our new house. I get the workshop back. Whoohoo! Next stop, fusion.


>Thanks to Jim Lux, who has compiled and archive of all the messages on this board into a single .zip file that you can now download from this URL:
>I'm going to leave the messages prior to the archive on the board for a while. Then, later in the month, I'll probably delete all those prior to, say, 90 days before the archive was compiled. Let me know if anybody sees a problem with this plan.