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Subject: Re: Few fusor questions...
Date: Mar 27, 4:29 pm
Poster: TheMaker

On Mar 27, 4:29 pm, TheMaker wrote:

>Welcome to the fold! Glad to have another active person chime in.
>As for a list of materials suitable for vacuum, glass, stainless steel, and copper are the better materials. It is those unseen or un-thought of items that kill you like solder, epoxy, fluxes, greases, waxes, etc that can kill you pumps efficiency through outgassing.

Thanks, its quite an honour to meet you, as I became interested and began this project as a result of your postings to the hvlist mailing list :)

Anywho, turns out I don't have cast iron plumbing, but black iron. Does that outgas as much? (sorry for the stupid questions, I just can't seem to find ANY data on this on the WWW)