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Subject: Fusor in main line magazine
Poster: Richard Hull

On , Richard Hull wrote:


Those interested in the fusor can get a reworked copy of Tom Ligon's original "Analog" article on how to make your own fusor by getting hold of Infinite Energy Magazine, vol 5, issue 30.; Soon to hit the stands. It is Nationally distributed through Barnes and Noble at their magazine racks.
Subscriptions or copies can be had by calling the circulation dept at (603) 228-4516. Web page

I knew that they had asked permission to reprint my letter to Jeff Kooistra as an editorial letter to the editor, but when my subscription arrived in a big package with 5 spares, I was stunned to see the cover littered with three photos of my early demo fusor!!! (Featured article)

My letter to the editor is there, as well as Jeff Kooistra's regular page- "Beyond the Cutting Edge". He Tells the tale of "Farnsworth meets Tesla" The story of how Ligon and I got together and of Jeff's visit to Tom and my labs.

Tom's article is reworked nicely and all the photos in the article were taken by me including the nice image of Tom standing next to his first fusor demo. There are photos in the text of my fusor demo model and of Fusor III in its current set up.

Tom is to be commended for his fine work which is now published in two nationally distributed magazines. I am sure, that both Tom and myself will be beseiged afresh with questions from new fusion aspirants. This is exactly what "doc" Bussard tasked Tom to do originally, back in 1996, and he has succeeded brilliantly at it, too.

Few budding fusioneers could do better than to track this list from message #1 to current. Sage advice from all those regulars like Jim Lux, Scott Stephens, Tom Ligon, and yours truly as well as the many other regulars, have created a body of data and advice which could make a small volume on fusor construction and theory. We must not forget those who have not posted answers but asked all the "right" questions. Thoughtful questions keep all of us on our toes.