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Subject: Break-even Energy
Date: Mar 29, 0:42 am
Poster: JCG

On Mar 29, 0:42 am, JCG wrote:

I'm another interested hobbyist with a great deal of enthusiasm for what you are all trying to accomplish, but I was somewhat surprised to see Richard Hull's March 8 posting indicating that break-even will not occur in the forseeable future. Just to set the record straight, that is the goal, is it not? With my very limited understanding of the experiments you are performing I am under the impression that the ultimate goal is excess energy. Taking one step at a time you are trying to achieve first, a quantifiable repeatable, controlled fusion reaction, then a Break-even reaction and finally a completely self sustainable reaction producing excess energy. I am probably missing something, but isn't that the ultimate goal? Richard left me with the impression that Break-even will probably never occur.