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Subject: "Simple Fusor"
Date: Sep 19, 08:38 am
Poster: Stephen Coley

On Sep 19, 08:38 am, Stephen Coley wrote:

I was bitten by the fusor bug some months ago and up until just a few weeks ago about the only information I had to go on was Farnsworth's Patents #3,258,402 and #3,386,883 and Hirsch's #3,533,910, none of which seem to offer any detail of a "simple fusor". Now with the help of this BBS I'm beginning to pull together my first attempt at a fusor. Thanks loads.

My first problem is in vacuum chamber size. My chamber is 5.5 inches in dia. and 11 inches long with a 5.5 inch dia. viewing window in the end so I am planning an outer grid of 5 inches dia. and an inner grid of 1.25 inches dia. My hope is there is enough leeway in size variations to allow these proportions. Also the chamber wall is steel and I'm not sure how this will affect the grids. I would like to see some results before going to the expense of building a new chamber.

My power supply provides 8.5kv but I'm unsure of the ma rating and will have to measure it. What is the operable lower limit.

Having seen Joshua Resnick's photos I have began to think about the possibility of a variety of shapes. Good work.