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Subject: Re: Deceleration uses energy too!
Date: Apr 02, 8:30 am
Poster: Richarad Hull

On Apr 02, 8:30 am, Richarad Hull wrote:

Dave, and Scott all have good points here.

The simple fusor is light years away from break even. Energy oozes out of the system at every turn. Neutral collisions, of N! (factorial - Almost, abound). There are fusion energy ions hitting slow neutrals, fusion energy ions hitting intermediate neutrals, slow ions hitting fast neutrals, intermediates hitting intermediates, neutrals hitting neutrals at all speeds. The list can go on and on. Still we do get some fusion. This shows fusion is easy and doable on a beer budget. Many would have thought fusion on a kitchen table top totally impossible by the amateur.

Dave is most prophetic in that even the auxiliary equipment must be considered by those who would do fusion as a "new energy" quest. This is never done by the normal hot fusion crowd. The general belief is that once ignition or break even occurs, it will occur in a very big way. (1000s of percent over unity or even millions) This kind of result would make auxiliary equipment input energy moot.

In our small systems, I figure we use about twice the energy in auxiliary stuff than is used to just run the fusor by itself! Small units have this burden and for the most part it can be overlooked due to the simple scale of our effort.

Yes the losses are many with few real solutions on the horizon. Scott is right to look to more advanced concepts such as the langimuir wave, etc.,if over unity is desired. Ignition is even more desirable than over unity, but one step at a time.

Richard Hull