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Subject: Re: IEC will never break even
Date: Apr 03, 8:33 am
Poster: Kurt Schoedel

On Apr 03, 8:33 am, Kurt Schoedel wrote:

>Dr. Bussard is absolutely convinced it is worth trying, and very likely that it will work. To the point that he has funded it out of pocket when he couldn't find anyone else to fund it. Some of our stuff looks worse that Richard's -- Radio Shack parts, Home Depot science supplies ...
In yours and Dr. Bussard's estimation; if properly funded, how much money and how long would it take to either achieve breakeven or to show conslusively that IEC fusion will not work?

I read your article in Infinite Magazine and am aware that the idea is to replace the wire grid with some sort of electromagnetic confinement of the electrons.Are there any funded attempts to resolve this issues right now?