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Subject: Re: Deceleration uses energy too! (not really)
Date: Apr 03, 8:16 pm
Poster: Pierce Nichols

On Apr 03, 8:16 pm, Pierce Nichols wrote:

>Each pass reqires that work be done to not only accelerate the ion into the reaction zone but to fully decelerate it and reaccelerate it for each successive pass.

This is incorrect. The electrostatic field is a conservative field, so ions that go up the sides of the well do not lose energy, but trade it for potential energy, and then trade back for kinetic as they come down the well.

>While we are not having to re-ionize the ions over and over again, we are having to use the gas and the brakes electrostatically rather constantly. The deceleration is intrinsically wasted energy. So in a high recirculation machine 50% of the motional kenetic energy used in overcoming ionic inertia is lost!

It's not tho -- it just becomes potential energy and then gets traded back for kinetic when the ion comes back to the center.