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Subject: Re: Watch those instruments!
Date: Apr 04, 9:03 pm
Poster: IJV

On Apr 04, 9:03 pm, IJV wrote:

>I was running fusor III this weekend for some more doubting thomases and can always get to 1 mrem of neutrons quickly. I use a Bonner Sphere neutron counter for the plebian audiences as it doesn't give any audible indication until the fusor starts actually making neuts. One millirem, at the distance I have it placed from the fusor, represents about 55,000 n/sec @ 30-40 cpm. It makes for a great eye opening demo.

When you say 55,000 n/sec is this a calibrated number representing the number of neutrons being produced in the fusor?. Or is it calibrated as the number of neutrons that the neutron counter is intercepting at its current location?