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Subject: Re: Neutron counters and other parts.
Date: Apr 05, 12:33 pm
Poster: Richard Hull

On Apr 05, 12:33 pm, Richard Hull wrote:

>I was looking at buying my first neutron counter, because without it I can't really tell if fusion is happening or not in my fusor.
>So, what do you guys recommend I should buy?

Neutron counters, at least all I have ever seen as finished or surplus units were found and purchased by me on E-bay. BUYER BEWARE! I have never seen one offered to be known as working or tested! All have said , "taken out of service working" (years ago) or UNABLE TO TEST! Assume they are having problems. IF the guy claims it works, you will need to contact him ask him just how he tested it??!! If he says he used a radioactive rock or a radium dial, he is looney. Intense radiation sources that can kill a man will have a zero count on the neutron counters. Beware.

Otherwise $5,000 is the normal new price for the bottom of the line survey meter that I have encountered.

You can make your own neutron counter as mentioned over many older posts on this board using the Bicron BC-720 and a photomulitplier tube if you are a skilled electronics guy.

Richard Hull