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Subject: Re: Baby Steps
Date: Sep 21, 1:13 pm
Poster: Richard Hull

On Sep 21, 1:13 pm, Richard Hull wrote:

>Questions about shielding. While I know I'm far off from producing neutrons, eventually I am going to require some sort of shielding. I evidently have some misconceptions about shielding. Lead will shield the x-rays, but not neutrons? Is it possible to operate safely with light water shielding? Originally I had thought to shield with water. It is also my understanding that the shielding becomes radioactive with exposure.


Lead is no shielding at all for fast neutrons. Light water is fine or any heavy dense hydrogenous material. Polyethylene, parafin, oil, etc.

Likewise, X-rays are not strongly attenuated by the above materials. Thus, Lead is a must also. The way I would use the shield is hydrogenous material closest to the chamber to slow or stop the fast neutrons and then the X-ray lead shielding lead. Your main worry at most stages of the game are X-radiation only. Neutron counts become bothersome over 30 KV.

Good luck on you efforts. It is wise to take those baby steps and pick up on the individual technologies as you go.

Richard Hull