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Subject: Re: Opinions on possible design
Date: Apr 08, 5:59 am
Poster: Joe

On Apr 08, 5:59 am, Joe wrote:

>The only real problem I see is that either you don't intent to have any mechanism to re-circulate the ions that miss, and there will be a bunch that will miss each other, or you just did not include that in this question.

I have given this a lot of thought. I was thinking of some sort of ion pump arrangement. a negative plate, or something to draw free deterium particles into a pipe, which then fires another electrode positive to move down the pipe, etc, until they work their way back into one of the guns.

>You have to keep in mind that the IEC uses a plasma target not a solid target. Also keep in mind that the IEC is design to accelerate much larger volumes than a standard linac, so by the

I figure that the lack of volume could be made up for by a longer acceleration period (higher collision velocity), and an unobstructed path to the target.

>Take a look at the original ITT Farnsworth patents, they used accelerators also, but they call theirs ion guns.

I've had a quick scan of them, Interesting reading.

>Still it sounds to me like what you want to do is make a cylindrical IEC because it is easier to focus the ion beams. Its also easier to make and works just as good, but it lacks the glamor of the spherical SS devices.

glamor? First time I've heard it put that way :-)
Still leaves the problem of the grid getting in the way. It did occur to me though..

If you altered the grounded grid, into a series of rough funnel shapes, to focus the ion stream tighter, and away from the internal grid, you would reduce the grid collision losses.

Would be hard to do for a spherical device, but, easier on the 2 dimensionalish cylindrical model.