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Subject: Cylindrical Fusor Observations
Date: Sep 21, 5:07 pm
Poster: Joshua Resnick

On Sep 21, 5:07 pm, Joshua Resnick wrote:


The cylindrical fusor seems to do some odd things at higher voltages. With my vacuum at around 80 microns and with 10k of current limiting and my variac half way on my 50 kV supply, x-ray meter in hand, I noted the formation of a polar confinement regions as well as a strong glow in the center of the cylinder. A major loss factor in this configuration seems to be polar jets. A strong glow can be seen at both ends of the cylinder as ions repel off of each other and jet out of the cylinder and dissipate. I am having a problem with my vacuum system as it seems to be limited to around 50 microns (yuk!).

->Joshua Resnick<-