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Subject: Basic Math and Theory
Date: Apr 11, 11:13 pm
Poster: Rolf L. Quam

On Apr 11, 11:13 pm, Rolf L. Quam wrote:

Newbie here,

Is there any summary of the applicable "Equations of State" for IEC fusion? Math models, summary of classical and quantum issues? My math is old, but I would like to come up-to-speed... If there is not, perhaps I would (in my COPIOUS free time - while I acquire my lab components ;-) ) be interested in setting up an easily queried, cross referenced, coordinated research web-server and data base... (Professionally, I've been wanting to learn some of this web-stuff anyway...)

I have probably just bitten off more than I can chew - but I am willing to try and to be tested to a degree...

Anybody have inputs ("use case" requirements) as to how this could/should work?

Feel free to email me personally...