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Subject: Re: Li6OD/Li6OT
Date: Apr 12, 10:41 pm
Poster: Rolf L. Qum

On Apr 12, 10:41 pm, Rolf L. Qum wrote:

Well spoken!

That is me exactly...

However, Li6 compounds can be (or at least a few years ago, could be) had from suppliers such as Seargent-Welch and Fisher Scientific. We may need to do a little chemistry from the supply chemicals to get the target - but that is OK. The reason that I brought this up is that I noticed that in the post-farnsworth patents that a lithium injector was introduced... Made me wonder... Anybody making Tritium "breeder blankets" around their neutron sources??? It seems to me that we should seek to enrich our tritium in our reactions. By the way, I have heard/read that tritium gas is as toxic as sarin/vx nerve gas (2mg/liter lethal 50 dose.) Does anyone know why this should be? I mean, hey, it's just an isotope of hydrogen - right? (Maybe NOT right?) :-)

>>Has anybody tried injecting Lithium 6 oxy-deuteride or Lithium 6 oxy-tritide?
> You got any?
> Can you get any?
> Cost?
> Source?
> How would you burn it?
> Could such a fusion device be assembled for under $500.00?
>Lotsa' good ideas, no money, no infrastructure, little or no experience. That's the glory and curse of this effort at the amateur level.
>I would suggest, as always, a slow ramp up in stages.
>1.Demo fusor
> (Getting your "plasma legs")
>2.Basic instrumentation aquisition
> (Making sure you are lying to yourself and others)
>3.Real fusor doing fusion
> (A necessary right of passage)
>4.Instrumentation and infrastructure building
> (Bettering your materials for future efforts)
>5.Second fusion effort with improved models
>(Making sure you can do it again, and better this time)
>6.Dreams and future experiments based on gained knowledge.
>It is working for me.
>Richard Hull