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Subject: Re: Computer control
Date: Apr 12, 10:52 pm
Poster: rquam@miramarsys.com

On Apr 12, 10:52 pm, rquam@miramarsys.com wrote:


>>Richard commented on difficult transducers in a previous post in reference to computerized control. Let's think about this...
>>What sort of dynamic requirements...
>The real need is for a motorized variac at my end and some hysteresis written into the software based on experience and specific system dynamics. The response only needs to be in the seconds range. I already have the current monitor in place. Another key component is a good micro adjustable vacuum valve. I have found much better control in my system by just cocking open the D2 valve so that a natural 1-2 micron per second pressure rise is experienced. Then just run the pump and micro adjust the vacuum on the chmaber. This has given me much more control, so I really need a super electrically controlled 1" line QF vacuum valve in addition to the motorized variac. I have the motorized variac moldering away in the loft of the lab and should work on this thing.
>One last problem. This is really hairy too. The rarely shut off restart EMP pulse of a system working at optimum in glow mode near 2 microns is so fearsome that it will shut off the low voltage instrumentation Lambda supply and has destroyed its read out! It also advances the HP counter by several thousand counts. Other bothers exist, but I figure this may not a radiated signal, but could actually be ground bounce!
>Can you imagine a poor CPU in this environment with all those lines headed into it. Yeah even opto-isolated, I might not cook anything, but it would likely be a "reset city" moment on the CPU buss. Variacs moving to the moon, vac valves opening wide or shuting down.............I have seen such things occur in my robotics days.
>Richard Hull