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Subject: Re: Li6OD/Li6OT
Date: Apr 13, 9:08 am
Poster: Richard Hull

On Apr 13, 9:08 am, Richard Hull wrote:

>Well spoken!
>That is me exactly...
>However, Li6 compounds can be (or at least a few years ago, could be) had from suppliers such as Seargent-Welch and Fisher Scientific. We may need to do a little chemistry from the supply chemicals to get the target - but that is OK. The reason that I brought this up is that I noticed that in the post-farnsworth patents that a lithium injector was introduced... Made me wonder... Anybody making Tritium "breeder blankets" around their neutron sources??? It seems to me that we should seek to enrich our tritium in our reactions. By the way, I have heard/read that tritium gas is as toxic as sarin/vx nerve gas (2mg/liter lethal 50 dose.) Does anyone know why this should be? I mean, hey, it's just an isotope of hydrogen - right? (Maybe NOT right?) :-)


Tritium is Radioactive and is a tightly licensed and regulated item. The NRC licensing is not hard to apply for, only tough to get. They will inspect your place, you will have to account for every molecule that you use and the whereabouts of the product if not on site when inspected. It is hassle city and they don't issue licenses for private citizens storing the stuff in their basements in residential areas.

You or I or anyone else on the list can't really get a license to own any tritium or tritiated compounds.

Regarding toxicity: In that a micro-vial of 20cc filled to just atmospheric pressure with tritium would be in the multi-curie range, and can be inhaled, and HTO winding up in the body with a heavy burden and long enough biological half life to do real damage, Tritium is indeed toxic.

But, toxic like nerve gas, no! Toxic like plutonium, yes. It is merely the radiation and its uptake in the body that makes it toxic. You or I could gulp down tritium or plutonium and we would be fine, up front, but over time it would take its toll. Nerve gas is toxic in seconds.

Again forget tritium or tritiated compounds. You just can't get them. They are not available to the amateur fusorite.

Richard Hull