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Subject: Re: Vacuum Bell Jars
Poster: Richard Hull

On , Richard Hull wrote:

>Hey Rich, where did you get your hemisphers for fusor IV for such a price? (By the way, thank you for the pics) Almost every time I bid on ebay, I am beaten by a couple of seconds - any tips? Just lost out on a good Ludlum geiger counter... :-( What do you use for dosimetery?


Again, all this is in the old list postings.

The hemispheres were custom spun for me by Maryland Metal Spinning (410) 466-6400.

I think they were ~60.00 each.

I think someone on this list supplied an even cheaper source earlier.

I have also posted on the neutron counter construction basics with the Bicron BC-720 plastic Scintillator I used.

You should read every post ever posted, if you are serious about picking up on knowledge and info supplied by list members.

Geiger counters are totally unsuitable to look at fusion rates. They will never see a neutron.

Geiger counters, dosimeter pens, or ionization survey meters in the mrem range will do for geting an idea of X-ray exposure only. I prefer the ionization chambers for this, myself. Geigers are better for sniffing out x-ray leaks.

As for E-bay, it is getting to be a fool's paradise. A lot of ignorant chuckleheads with real money to burn are paying megabucks for stuff that is valueless or that they don't understand.

It is a capitalist mecca where a sucker clicks in every minute and there are ten to take him. It is a sellers only market. Buyers must beware and rest assured they are most certainly paying top dollar for material that is often either defective or uses batteries or requires probes which are either no longer available or would cost six times the instrument's bargain price to obtain.

Richard Hull