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Subject: Scientific Paper
Date: Apr 14, 8:34 am
Poster: Richard Hull

On Apr 14, 8:34 am, Richard Hull wrote:

Sorry for the clutter, but there were a few on this list who had requested info on the recently published, peer reviewed paper on arc liberated energy in water of which I am one of four attributed authors.

I can't now remember who those folks were, but this work, "Arc-Liberated Chemical Energy exceeds electrical input energy", can be seen in the "Journal of Plasma Physics", Cambridge Press, 2000, vol. 63, pp. 115-128.

This work went back to 1994 on my part, but the two Phd. Graneaus have studied a number of these effects since the 1980's. At first we thought it might be some odd form of fusion, but the lack of neutrons and or other radiation ruled out this possibility very early.

Richard Hull