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Subject: Re: Off subject: TWT (Travelling Wave Tube)
Date: Apr 16, 4:50 pm
Poster: Richard Hester

On Apr 16, 4:50 pm, Richard Hester wrote:

A travelling wave tube (TWT) is a broadband microwave amplifying device that modulates an electron beam with a helical electrode. Since they are broadband devices, ECM people like them, as they can be persuaded to spew crap over a wide range of frequencies. Power capabilities range from milliwatts to kilowatts.

>That being said, around 1990, while I was involved in aerospace (B2 and others) an old-friend, highly positioned, very highly-cleared, very "black op" friend of mine asked me what I thought of the "TWT" - which he inferred was a very high power (man portable?) nuclear accelerator. Now, I am familiar with wave guides being refered to as travelling wave tubes - but I don't think that was what he was reffering to... Does anybody have a clue?