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Subject: Just for the record
Date: Apr 18, 3:55 pm
Poster: Rolf L. Quam

On Apr 18, 3:55 pm, Rolf L. Quam wrote:

B2's secret weapon:

The TWT discussion that I had was not related to anything on the B2 - don't want any over-zealous FBI angent knocking on my door and arresting me for violation of Title 18... ;-P

>I just had this idea, as I tried to reply to the message about TWT's. Either my cut & paste failed or the Fed's didn't want me spilling the beans about the B2's secret weapon. Anyways...
>Certain nuclear isotopes are metastable and can undergo stimulated emission, called the Mossbauer effect. Normaly cryogenic cooling is required. But what if the isotope is trapped in a plasma-ion lattice and laser, magneticaly or otherwise electrodynamicaly cooled?
>Metastable nuclear isotopes don't have fission-class energy yields, but are still 10-100 times more powerfull than chemicals.
>Gamma laser links:
>Plasma crystal links: