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Subject: Re: Lucky find - H2 thyratron
Poster: Richard Hull

On , Richard Hull wrote:

>I hope these tubes are tetrodes. Taming the grid turn on spike in triode thyratrons (30-80% of plate potential) can be a bear, especially in high rep rate systems. Some authors suggest a spark gap, but this might not recover fast enough at high rep rates. Tetrodes are much milder mannered....
> Richard Hester

No. These are classic triodes and I have a lot of experience with the grid circuitry of these monsters. A simple 500 volt 50 ohm impedance source pulse is needed with 150v/microsecond rise time. A snap. A pulse transformer, of which I have several EG&G units, should do the trick with capacitive discharge via either an scr or a small glass 3C45 H2 thyratron.

Richard Hull