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Subject: Stable plasma ring
Date: Apr 23, 1:14 am

On Apr 23, 1:14 am, wrote:

I have a copy of report sent a few months
back in a space message board that I was
member of. The title is
"Low cost space transportation using
a stable plasma for energy storage".
This is stable plasma ring
generated with 750 Amps at 150 volts.
Current experiments are <3 seconds and
.1 to 1.0 cm in diameter plasma ring
with .1cm to .3cm orbital diameter.
Once a stable toroid is setup, they
plan to add energy to the plasma forming
a energy storage device. They claim
a ring with a major radius of .5 Meters
can hold 10^9 joules of energy or 277 kw/hours
of energy. A 1.2 meter diameter ring 10^11 joules.
If anybody wants to read it I will
email them the PDF file.