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Subject: Re: Stable plasma ring
Poster: Scott Stephens

On , Scott Stephens wrote:

>I have a copy of report sent a few months
>back in a space message board that I was
>member of...

>If anybody wants to read it I will
>email them the PDF file.

Ha ha, beat ya too it, if you check my older rantings here. The website has other stuff about fusion space propulsion, et. What a concept. A stable plasma toroid that can accelerate, focus, and possibly consist in a stable configuration and dynamicaly conform to evolving conditions, in such a way as to trap and confine fusion energy.

IMHO I realy don't believe that it can be stable long-term, outside high vacuum, that is more than a few milliseconds. I think any ions getting in the electron orbits would quickly radiate away energy unless they get trapped somehow.

Here's some more on it:

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