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Subject: Re: Fusion physicist need therapy
Date: Apr 24, 2:47 am
Poster: Scott Stephens

On Apr 24, 2:47 am, Scott Stephens wrote:

>Fusion physicist need therapy.

>I've spoken with next generation and established fusion researchers in the last year at various government labs and universities.

>I have come to the conclusion that fusion physicist could use some psychological therapy, counseling and definitely confidence training.

Sorry for my last flippant post, if you were serious and not just trolling me regarding a post about "Fusion will never breakeven" I posted a while back. The stuff about the H-bomb was my paraphrase of someones post I read in the fusion usenet group long ago.

IMHO it won't help to encourage researchers when the system, the environment they work in is sick. Better keep the slaves discouraged,dependant and dumb. If they realize the system is the problem, they will just run away in search of freedom and attempt to realize their potential. Maybe that's why our bureaucracy can't achieve any breakthrough?