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Subject: Re: Patents
Date: Apr 24, 3:07 am
Poster: Rolf L. Quam

On Apr 24, 3:07 am, Rolf L. Quam wrote:

To Patent - or NOT to Patent
That IS the QUESTION...

OK, we are looking at this dweeb that is trying to patent a linear beam convergence at 104.xyx.e.gydb. - yackity yack... SURE! If you find something REAL like that PATENT!!! If it works - I will be highly suprised... However, we should be looking at current/voltage/dimensional issues... If you find anything that you are not willing to share - you should file the patent application - let history decide the rest... You did your part... In this way, given corporate opponents - you could involve the WORLD - which would (my faith) ALWAYS WIN OVER THE CORPORATIONS!!! (Be ready to pay (and be paid - nicely) the public for you discoveries...)

>I am no lawyer - and do not pretend to be such...
>But, from my understanding, in order for a patent to be enforcable, it must pass the test of "Common Understanding." It is subject to the undersanding of a person in the field in which it is being developed. Now, the fusion potentials are known... All of our work is - currently well known... I would say that all of our work is "well known" as we know it... The patents involving particle beam fusion experiments "104.xxxxxxx" degrees would also be subject to this...
>Too much of what is being patented is based on "common knowlege." I was speculating on the particle beam stuff over 10 years ago...
>(We need more people in court explaining what "obvious" is...
>Keep the faith!
>Patent your findings! - Even if it is a "poor man's patent!"
>If you find the "real thing" - the public will pay your legal fees! (Or, you could, like I intend, turn your findings over to Humanity... )