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Subject: Neutron Reflectors/Moderators
Date: Apr 25, 0:51 am
Poster: Rolf L. Quam

On Apr 25, 0:51 am, Rolf L. Quam wrote:

Anybody doing anything with beryllium, tungsten, tungsen carbide, carbon moderators/reflectors on fusors?

"Much of the benefit of very thick beryllium reflectors is due to its properties as a moderator, slowing down neutrons so that they are more effective in causing FISSION... This moderation effect is useless in a bomb since the effects of time absorbtion are severe for moderated neutrons."

Well, I don't want to build a bomb... Thinking that this may be an area that I would (could) specialize in... Further, I intend to recycle my gasses... Any thoughts?