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Subject: Re: What you should see! ps
Date: Sep 24, 08:59 am
Poster: Richard Hull

On Sep 24, 08:59 am, Richard Hull wrote:

>So if the inner grid could be optimized to provide unobstructed circulation, the outer grid could likewise be configured in such a way to support the circulation. Seems this would get the ions into place in the center of the fusor with the highest energy levels aiding eventual attempts at fusion. Or maybe it doesn't matter, I have a tendency of thinking things to death!


It is always good to think a lot at first, get the best intel available, (balance this between theory and reports of people in the field actually doing stuff), and then rethink once more. Finally, you must then roll up your sleeves and do something.

The ideal outer grid would be a solid stainless steel spherical vessel!..... end of statement!

The problem is, you would never see them 'purdy' stars! I am actually in the process of assembling about 3 different fusor systems (therefore, not moving first fast on any of them) and one of them is a perfect polished 316L stainless sphereical ball/chamber. I will have a small viewport on it for use in diagnostic visual checks.

The outer grid, as we make it, just allows you to use odd sized or non-conducting chambers (bell jars, dessicators, etc.

A perfect sphere of screen wire would be great, too. Anything other than the outer grid we use would be better than the grid we use!! Though what we do use (geodesic) is quite adequate to help establish the generalized spherical field for acceleration/recirculation.

Richard Hull