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Subject: FC 77 a novel liquid for insulation/cooling
Date: Apr 28, 6:37 am
Poster: Andreas Schuetz

On Apr 28, 6:37 am, Andreas Schuetz wrote:

Hi guys,

anybody heard about FC 77 by 3M? I thought it could be useful to insulate/cool fusors and the periphery like highvoltage transformers, cabels and the whole power circuitry. It's another new possibility compared to the oily liquids. Most of the new high voltage probes shall be filled with FC 77. Furthermore it has a good thermal conductivity.

For the interested enthusiasts among you the datasheet can be seen under the following address:


But, ...3M that sounds expensive! However, recently I saw a small quantity (3 ltrs. or so) on ebay, for only $5!

so long,